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Through tender radical candor we instigate vocalized insights, to shape decisions of significance.
We are Insight Instigators.

Your Story

You want to share your experiences. You want to reduce uncertainty and influence decisions of significance. You want an outside perspective with hyper­-listening and deep investigation skills to excavate elusive insights. You are not afraid to answer challenging questions.

You need Thought Warrior®. Through conversation, we instigate important vocalized insights. We ask hard questions, recognize patterns, and stimulate potent reframing of thoughts. So your story can be heard.

We can help identify which of your stories would most likely move you towards your objectives, and when or where to tell them. The technology of the recordings can range in form and quality depending on your budget and intentions, from just the audio of simple telephonics, to hiring a professional audio-visual crew, or a configuration somewhere in between.

For leadership, creatives, and the simply curious.


Our Story

“On a New York City street, when not wearing a helmet, I broke my femur and suffered a moderate-to-severe brain bleed from a bicycle accident. For a time I had only a ten-second memory, then I had cognitive therapy to reactivate how to think. Fortunately, well before my injury I used reframing tactics, so my brain was able to rebuild along my existing cognitive pathways of neutrality and resilience. Because of the stories I told myself, I never cried; I was never self-pitying or angry. How I chose to frame my circumstances bolstered my courage and accelerated my recovery. Six months after my injuries, I was standing on a chair in high heels thanking four dozen of my supporters at my Accident Anniversary Gratitude Brunch with, mercifully, my cognitive processing fully restored. I am passionate about the power of narrative to shape our own and others' perceptions. I’d like to apply my reframing skills to your conundrums. If nothing else, please do take away from this story to wear a helmet any time you ride a bike. I do now!”

—Mary Domo, Principal


“Reframe your perceptions of constraints to amplify collaboration and courage.”

—Mary Domo, Principal

Dynamic Conversations

Recorded conversations in just audio or with video.
Post-production by our subdivision, Artibot.


Use story to:

:: enhance collaborative negotiation,
:: improve presentations,
:: shape fundraising,
:: and much more.


Use simple telephonics to:

:: share your experiences,
:: explore your options,
:: reveal your plans,
:: and much more.


Use our high-quality audio for:

:: documentary VO
:: crowdfunding VO
:: podcast clips
:: and much more.


“Often, hesitation is just doubt.”

—Mary Domo, Principal




Mary Domo

(neé Domowicz)


Principal & Insight Instigator

Past related work includes custom internal podcasts for PayPal (hear a sample clip or review the five episodes); custom marketing and narrative strategy sessions at Mercer’s Innovation Lab; and a full day of professional development for 50 C-suite leaders at the Ritz Carlton for Marsh & McLennan Companies.

Served as Academic Director of the design and film programs at NYU's School of Professional Studies. While at NYU Mary was known for an ability to reframe perceptions of challenges to amplify collaboration, which led participants (even in reprimand meetings) to exude gratefulness for being heard. Devised strategic plan, developed curriculum, oversaw operations, and monitored budget of $2M on revenue of $3M. Annually administered 450 courses in 17 certificates. Hired & oversaw 150 adjunct faculty, managed administrative & technical staff of nine, and addressed student concerns from annual enrollment of about 4,000. Was also an adjunct professor at NYU Steinhardt, Parsons, UPenn, and SVA. Earned an MA in Graphic Communications Management from NYU.

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